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How specific is the cognitive experience of the comics reader? Formulating hypothesis through empirical experiments

6 December 2023 - 10am-12pm | ULB, Brussels, Solbosch Campus, Room P4.1.17.

Illustration © Watchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons, 1986, DC Comics.

The complex morphology of the comics medium calls for peculiar reading strategies aimed at bridging the gaps between its components, both structural and material. Although we speak broadly of visual literacy, in the case of comics it is necessary to consider specific skills of information synthesis and translinear reading. My research focuses on the distance between the implied reader and the actual reader, that is, it aims to understand how the latter behaves with respect to the cognitive effort virtually solicited by the comics form.

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Comics as Computation

15 November 2023 — 10:45   |   ULiège, Faculté de philosophie, arts & lettres (Quai Roosevelt 1B – access from Place du XX août), building A4 (histoire), Room A4/R30 (ground floor).

A talk by Ilan Manouach, who will be presenting his postdoctoral research project (ULiège).


Nowadays, anyone can generate stunning algorithmic illustrations with a few inspired keywords. In the fast-evolving world of computational creativity, the potential impact of AI technologies on comics, a medium that has historically served as a laboratory for today’s global entertainment industries, is a case in point. With the term « synthetic comics, » I propose to describe comics content that was generated, modified or manipulated in a highly automated manner by way of machine learning. Continue la lecture

barbara postema

Reading session – Barbara Postema

A COMICS reading session open to all ACME members.

7 November 2023 – 1:30-3:45 pm
Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent – Room Camelot (3rd floor)

Dr. Barbara Postema, lecturer in English for Academic Purposes at Groningen University, will lead a group discussion on the following texts:

Shiamin Kwa, Perfect Copies: Reproduction and the Contemporary Comic (Chapter 1), Rutgers UP, 2023.
Barbara Postema, « Establishing Relations: Photography In Wordless Comic », Image & Narrative, vol. 16, no. 2, 2015, p. 84-95.




ISSUE ZERO – Reading the Van Passen Collection

Exposition, 16.09  –  22.12, KASK, Gand

Illustration © photographie d’Isabelle Arthuis.


En 2018, la bibliothèque de l’Université de Gand a acquis une vaste collection de périodiques illustrés auprès du collectionneur belge de bandes dessinées Alain Van Passen.

En ce moment, KIOSK offre un aperçu de cette vaste collection à travers une exposition, réalisée par Felipe Muhr en collaboration avec le groupe de recherche COMICS de l’Université de Gand, qui se tient à la KASK de Gand (Louis Pasteurlaan 2, entrée gratuite).

L’exposition s’étend sur trois mois, du 16 septembre au 22 décembre 2023, et se déroule en sept chapitres de deux semaines. Chacun d’entre eux est dirigé par un.e membre du groupe de recherche COMICS ou par un.e spécialiste de l’histoire de la bande dessinée. Il est accompagné d’une publication et d’une affiche conçues par d’ étudiant.e.s en master du département de design graphique de la KASK.

Après un Prologue: What’s an Issue Zero?, le premier chapitre, dirigé par Maaheen Ahmed et exposé jusqu’au 15 octobre, s’intitule Beyond the Comics: Letters, Contests and Other Forms of Editorial Communication.


Comics, the Children and Childishness conference

International conference – Ghent University, 18-19 September 2023


Comics have often been dismissed as child’s fare. While comics scholars have long struggled with such dismissals, today they are more likely to run up against the stereotype that ‘comics are not just for children’ (Pizzino). The ‘for children’ snub has encouraged scholarship to focus on comics and graphic novels for adults. Although we have seen several exciting studies on the children in comics (Abate; Apostolidès, Chaney; Gordon; Saguisag) and comics for children (Abate and Tarbox, Heimermann and Tullis), most of which have appeared over the past decade, the many complex interactions between comics and children remain understudied.

Building on the research of the COMICS team based at Ghent University since 2018, Comics, the Children and Childishness seeks to disentangle these connections by focusing on two key strands: comics and children’s culture (especially print culture), and childishness and comics. This follows the objectives of the COMICS project at Ghent University which focuses on children’s comics magazines, child characters in comics and graphic novels, young readers’ interactions (both programmed and unexpected) with their comics and children’s drawings.

The conference aims to open a crucial forum of dialogue between European and international researchers, by focusing on a resolutely international corpus, covering comics from not only the dominant areas of Western Europe and North America, but also Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, hoping to inspire further research in this overlooked but crucial aspect of comic studies. The program page is here, and here you can find some practical information you may need.

The conference will also be accompanied by an exhibition in KASK of the Alain Van Passen comics collection, a rare and extremely well-preserved archive of French and Belgian comics magazines from 1930s through the 1990s.



Drawing from the Archives. Comics Memory in the Contemporary Graphic Novel?

Benoît Crucifix

Following Art Spiegelman’s declaration that « the future of comics is in the past, » this book considers comics memory in the contemporary North American graphic novel. Cartoonists such as Chris Ware, Seth, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, and others have not only produced some of the most important graphic novels, they have also turned to the history of comics as a common visual heritage to pass on to new readers. This book is a full-length study of contemporary cartoonists when they are at work as historians: it offers a detailed description of how they draw from the archives of comics history, examining the different gestures of collecting, curating, reprinting, forging, swiping, and undrawing that give shape to their engagement with the past. In recognizing these different acts of transmission, this book argues for a material and vernacular history of how comics are remembered, shared, and recirculated over time.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, coll. « Cambridge Studies in Graphic Narratives« , 2023
EAN : 9781009250931
280 pages
Prix : 85 £
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Comics in the reading ecosystem: Discussing children’s comics as part of literary education in the Spanish Elementary School

Friday 12 May 2023, 15h00-17h00 | KULeuven, Mgr. Sencie Instituut (MSI), room 02.15

The lecture by Clara Vilaboa Sáenz (PhD student of Education and Literature, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona) will be followed by a group discussion of the book in open access Sugar, Spice, and the Not So Nice: Comics Picturing Girlhood, ed. by Dona Pursall and Eva Van de Wiele (only chapter 1 and chapter 9).


Elementary Schools constitute a key context in the literary experience of the child reader as open, public spaces in which all children have an opportunity to encounter literature. This research project aims to analyse the literary and pedagogic value of children’s comics and focuses on the double impact that comics have as tools to promote reading and as strategies to develop the multimodal reading competence. To document and interpret the reality of comics in the reading ecosystem of the school, we have carried out an ethnographic, collaborative study on a public school in Spain (6- to 12-year-olds) that has focused on the needs, interests and challenges that appear when integrating comics in the school. Here, we have designed two main lines of action: the analysis of how comics are integrated and promoted from the school library and the analysis of the pedagogy implied in the promotion, reading and discussion of comics in a 4th-year classroom (8- to 10-year-olds). In addition, we have documented the perspectives of children, teachers, librarians and families to have a holistic perception of the role of comics in the school. This ethnographic study constitutes the core of the research project and has been complemented with a theoretical review of the research published on the intersection of comics and Elementary Education between the years 2000 to 2023. Thus, the project has allowed us to acquire a longitudinal and contextualised perspective of the role that children’s comics have in Elementary School.



“Traduit du flamand”? How Les Noceurs (2010) by Brecht Evens found its way to France and French-speaking Belgium

Tuesday 25 April 2023, 13h00-15h00 | UGent, Campus Boekentoren, Blandijnberg 2: Faculteitszaal (1st floor)

The lecture by Timothy Sirjacobs (KULeuven, FWO) will be followed by a group discussion of the book in open access How Comics Travel by Katherine Kelp-Stebbins (only the introduction, chapter 1 and chapter 3).


In 2010 the French publishing house Actes Sud issued ‘Les Noceurs’ (original Dutch title: ‘Ergens waar je niet wil zijn’; English title: ‘The Wrong Place’) by the Flemish graphic novelist Brecht Evens (1986). Despite the financial aid by a prominent literary institution of his home region and its promotion of Evens’ work at the international festival of Angoulême (2009), this was still a seemingly audacious endeavor. Especially considering that at the moment of purchasing the translation rights (2009) the graphic novel was an unpublished graduate project of a then 22-year-old Flemish-Belgian graphic artist. In spite of these obstacles, the translation of the Dutch language original found its way in the catalog of an Arles-based publishing house that promotes writers such as W.G. Sebald, Imre Kertész and recent Goncourt-winning author Nicolas Mathieu. This presentation will thus be centered around the following questions: “How did ‘Ergens waar je niet wil zijn’ find its way to a French literary publisher, how was it received in France, and to what extent did this ‘French mobility’ influence Evens’ reception in the French-speaking part of Belgium?”

This case study is situated within the framework of BELTRANS, a joint project of KULeuven, UCLouvain and the Belgian National Library (KBR) that aims to analyze intra-Belgian literary translation flows between 1970 and 2020.


Appel — Sur le journalisme

Fabrice Preyat, accompagné de ses collègues Olivier Koch (Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis) et Pablo Turnes, (Universidad de Buenos Aires/Alexander von Humboldt Foundation-Freie Universität Berlin), lance un appel à articles pour un numéro thématique de la revue quadrilingue Sur le journalisme consacré au journalisme graphique et reportage en bande dessinée.

Ce volume de la revue Sur le journalisme, About journalism, Sobre jornalismo souhaite interroger les « alternatives » que représentent la bande dessinée de reportage en considérant ses singularités narratives et éditoriales, ses relations à la profession, et les stratégies industrielles dont elle dépend. Il entend, dans ce but, explorer le genre de manière interdisciplinaire en privilégiant trois axes distincts, impliquant des approches relevant tant de la narratologie post-classique et de l’analyse de discours que de la sociologie, des études sur les industries culturelles et de l’histoire des médias et du journalisme.

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