« Vertigo’s Rewriting Ethos » – défense de thèse de Christophe Dony

Ryan Sook’s original art for "Vertigo Essentials" cover

Ryan Sook’s original art for « Vertigo Essentials » cover

Nous sommes très fiers d’annoncer que Christophe Dony défendra sa thèse, portant sur l’imprint nord-américaine Vertigo, le 10 novembre 2017 à 14h30 (local A4/S100), en présence d’un jury composé de Véronique Bragard (UCLouvain), Marc Delrez (ULg), Bénédicte Ledent (ULg; promotrice), Gert Meesters (Lille 3), Rebecca Romdhani (ULg), et Daniel Stein (University of Siegen).

Vertigo’s Rewriting Ethos: The Poetics and Politics of a Comics Imprint

This dissertation critically examines Vertigo, DC Comics’ adult-oriented imprint, in combining a wide range of approaches that include cultural sociology, narratology, comics criticism and postmodern theory. More precisely, the present work provides a (re)examination of the label’s poetics, politics, and history, which the critical community have rather restrictively confined within the broader discourse of the art form’s development, that is, the increasing maturation and legitimation of comics through the graphic novel phenomenon, the boom of ‘adult’ comics, and the canonization of singular ‘serious’ and ‘respectful’ comics creators. Moving beyond this rhetoric of maturation, this study argues that, since its inception, Vertigo has aimed to develop a particular rewriting ethos in order to stand out as a distinguished producer and organization within the American comics field. Continue la lecture